Hello, Summer!

There’s no denying that as the seasons change so do our appetites and cravings. The first official week of summer has been a steamy one in Texas, leaving many craving fresh fruits, juices, and a cold body of water.

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February 25, 2016

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The Power of Love: It Takes Two!

We are rounding out the month of love, connections, partnership, and community with an interview with Thunderbird Ambassadors Mark Herron and Erinn Lewis.  Almost one year ago, the couple took a leap of faith by taking their relationship to the next level and starting a business together. In one year, Sukha Yoga has cultivated a beautiful community in their cozy studio in Austin, Texas. We got the chance to ask this inspiring couple a few questions that gave us further insight on the dynamic of a work/love relationship. 
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November 12, 2015

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A collaboration between Thunderbird bar and Dani Whitehead


What does Thunderbird have in common with our Ambassador, Dani Whitehead? Lots of things. For starters, we both strive to inspire you to get out and do “that thing” that you have always wanted to do. “That thing,” you’ve always told yourself you couldn’t do, are too old to do, not experienced enough to do, not fit enough to do. Second, we strive for simplicity. When it comes to our bars, we’ve stripped away all of the gimmicks, the added sugar, and the refined ingredients to provide our community with pure, clean, sustainable energy in a convenient, on-the-go fashion. Similarly, Dani has stripped away the materialistic necessities from her life, packing her belongings into a van in order to follow her dreams and travel the world, teaching yoga, climbing, slack-lining (to just name a few of her activities…) while inspiring those around her to pursue their own dreams living dormant inside of them—whether it be to travel, practice yoga, run a marathon, learn to rock climb…the possibilities are endless! It is for these reasons that Thunderbird and our Ambassador Dani have partnered up to create the #LessIsMore Project, to help you all unleash the fittest, bravest, truest versions of yourselves and help kick-start you all into the practice of a healthy, happy, active lifestyle, fueled by Thunderbird Bars and passion.

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National Month of Yoga Spotlight: Brand Ambassador Gustavo Padron

As many of you know, September is National Yoga Month, established in order to celebrate the worldwide Yogi community, as well as to educate about the health benefits of yoga and inspire a healthy lifestyle. Here at Thunderbird, we adamantly believe that regular yoga practice is key to a balanced and healthy mind, body, and spirit. In order to honor this month-long celebratory event, we've decided to spotlight our Brand Ambassador Gustavo Padron, one of Austin's most active and inspiring yoga teachers, who shared with us why yoga is such an important aspect of his life. 

Thunderbird: What inspires you?

GP: My students. Their effort and willingness to practice yoga and discover something new about their body, their mind and their connection to source (spirit/universe/heart). Tiny Humans also inspire me with their free spirit and their play time- they remind me to have fun and don't take myself too seriously. 

Thunderbird: Describe your "AHA!" moment with yoga.

GP: My "AHA" moment came to me while in child's pose when I first started practicing yoga. The nurturing quality of this pose helped me realize that in order to heal, I must surrender and trust the process.

Thunderbird: What is your favorite yoga pose, and why?

GP: Handstand, it quickens my blood, forces me to connect to my breath, and empowers me to see things from a different angle/perspective.

Thunderbird: To you, what is the greatest reward of teaching yoga?

GP: My greatest reward in teaching yoga is seeing my students grow. I am fascinated by how many of my students have changed their lives through the power of this beautiful practice.

Thunderbird: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment of 2015?

GP: My greatest accomplishment to date has been leading an international retreat to Costa Rica and being featured in Austin Fit Magazine.

Thunderbird: If you had to walk around with a sign taped to your forehead for the rest of this month, what would it say?

GP: #findyohappy

So what are you waiting for? Check your local studios' online schedules for free classes and events, get out there, get bendy, and #findyohappy! Don't forget to replenish yourself afterwards with our Thunderbird Bar of the Month, Cashew Fig Carrot!

Gustavo is Yoga teacher living in Austin, Texas with a desire to inspire and uplift people through high-spirited classes. He is an avid runner, a Crossfit and nutrition enthusiast, and a true anatomy junkie. His passion for wellness and fitness led him to the discovery of Yoga. He incorporates the ancient teachings of Yoga and his own life experiences into vigorous and empowering flow classes. His philosophy revolves around developing a strong core- "if you develop a strong core or center of being, there will be nothing that can bend/ break you out of shape." His classes are challenging, yet accessible- they will leave you feeling accomplished, re-energized and a little sweaty! Catch him around Austin, online or check his traveling schedule! 

Find AustinFit Magazine’s feature on Gustavo at Austin Fit Magazine Online!