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Mini Variety Pack

$ 13.99

LIMITED TIME ONLY!! While supplies last.

Of course, we had to use our shrink machine to miniaturize our two top sellers! This 12-pack carton contains 4 minis each of Chocolate Almond Butter Sea Salt, Cashew Fig Carrot, and Hazelnut Coffee Maca

Perfect for a quick bite, smoothie addition, yogurt topping or child's snack! 90 calories per mini.

Chocolate Almond Butter Sea Salt is just as smooth at your middle school dance slow jam. It’s a sweet, salty treat without the guilt. Rich indulgent chocolate notes, fudgy texture, nutty crunch, and a hint of salt come together to deliver you a flavor embrace.

Our Hazelnut Coffee Maca bar may not give you wings, but it will swoop in with powerhouse ingredients to kick start your day or carry you through an afternoon slump. Notes of luxurious chocolate and toasty hazelnut meld perfectly in this brownie-like bar with a pop of coffee crunch.