Thunderbird Real Food Bars
Energy for Today - Health for Tomorrow
Thunderbird specializes in creating epic tasting Real Food Bars. Containing uniquely pure and highly powerful ingredients, Thunderbird bars provide consumers with conveniently packaged, nutrient dense, plant-based goodness. Each bar is made using the finest and freshest available whole foods that Mother Earth has to offer.
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Real Food, for Real Energy, for Real People
Simple ingredients, Chef inspired taste
For when less... really is more

Shouldn't the ingredients you eat be ingredients you can pronounce?
Thunderbird is committed to health and not taking short cuts when it comes to creating our bars.
Our bars will always be made with the purest ingredients.


Cacao vs Cocoa: Are they the same?

October 18, 2017

While cocoa and cacao are similar, there is a big difference between the two. And, since the new thunderbird bar of the month is the Cacao Hemp Walnut bar (25% off with code 25Cacao), we decided to clear up any confusion on one of the main ingredients of this bar.
Football Sunday: Healthified

September 29, 2017

If you live in Texas, there is no escaping Football Sunday. It's ingrained in our blood, it brings us all together for a day to cheer on our teams and indulge in delicious food. But Football Watch Party snacks don't have to ruin your healthy eating regimen! We spent a game day with local food blogger Mindful With Misty, cooking a lightened up menu that was crowd-approved!

Ingredient Spotlight: Quinoa

September 17, 2017

This month we are taking a closer look at quinoa. Read on to see why this ancient grain has stayed so popular in recent times, and grab a 20% discount code.