Real Fuel starts with real food.

At Thunderbird, we're honored to fuel your adventures (big and small!). You won't find fake or added ingredients here, ever. Only clean, whole foods full of flavor.

Non-GMO Project - Certified Paleo
Plant Based Paleo - Crafted in Austin Texas
0g Added Sugar - Certified Gluten Free


Customer reviews
Customer reviews
These bars are delicious and packed full of nutrition. There’s not one bad ingredient. They’re the perfect snack food.
— Susannah C.
Customer reviews
These bars are the best I've ever had in terms of freshness and quality ingredients. I think they're awesome!
— T. Berdalee
Customer reviews
I like that there is no added sugar and few ingredients. I mainly enjoy one as a snack in between meals or grab one when in a rush but need something for an energy boost.
— Jazzy M.
Customer reviews
All I can say is YUM. They are so good! Thank you so much for making a quality snack bar.
— Lori M.
Customer reviews
I'm a huge fan of these bars. Tastes delicious with actual real simple and healthy ingredients!
— Hai Z.