Mexican Hot Chocolate Snack Bar - Box of 12

$ 32.99

Ingredients. Dates, Almonds, Cashews, Cacao, Pumpkin Seeds, Vanilla Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt, Cinnamon, Cayenne.

Meet Mexican Hot Chocolate (HELLO!). A little spicy and a dash of sweet – just like you! Rich chocolate with warm cinnamon and chili notes make this special bar an all-year-round incredible treat. Chocolate? Sure, it's always at the top of the charts as everyone's best friend (or at least their go-to gossip girl). But Hot? And Mexican Hot at that?! Yep – this incredible (yet simple) bar with chocolate, cayenne, cinnamon, salt and a hint of vanilla is going to be the new favorite on everyone's must have list. 

Fuel Your Body with a Great Tasting, Nutritious Bar. Thunderbird bars are the fruit-forward, nutrition-rich snack bar that's gluten free, paleo, and vegan, but you wouldn't know it by tasting. Bars are made from real ingredients like dates, nuts, chia seeds, chocolate covered fruit, and more. Our bars are the perfect way to fuel active lifestyles with the satisfaction of something sweet.

Vegan, Paleo and Plant-Based Bars. Our rich tasting bars are Paleo Certified, Gluten Free Certified, Non-GMO Project verified, Kosher, completely Vegan and 100% filling. They make for a great coffee bar to have with your drink in the morning or as a paleo diet bar.

All Natural Real Food Bars. Simple blends of whole fruits, nuts, seeds and spice that are minimally processed and as close to their natural state as possible. Our snack bars only contain wholesome ingredients that you can pronounce, which is what makes our paleo thin protein bar a great source of nutrients!

Real Food with Unreal Taste. Less is more over here at Thunderbird. Our dried fruits add all the natural sweetness needed with zero added sugar (real or artificial), agave, syrup or honey. Dairy free, soy free, and grain free make these nutritional bars easy to digest whether you are working hard or playing hard. Use them as a boost in the morning as breakfast bars when you're on the go! Thunderbird bars have no added anything... EVER.

Inspired by Athletes, for Everyone. Thunderbird bars were founded and crafted in Austin, TX by endurance athletes who wanted real food for pure energy paired with great taste. Truly the healthy alternative to “energy” bars, our paleo protein bars work great to fuel your hiking, biking, trail running, or outdoor activities. A must have for anyone's vegan snack box collection!