It's that time, y'all! This month we sat down with Brooklynne Palmer of @beetsbybrooke to learn all about her #ThunderStory! We couldn't be more honored to have this sweet, hard-working, and absolute boss lady in our flock. Read on to learn more about Brooklynne!



Tell us about yourself!

My name is Brooklynne Palmer and I am a plant-based medical student in Dallas, TX. I am passionate about nutrition and mental health and hope to educate others on how little lifestyle changes can drastically impact your well-being. I spent the past year traveling both in the country and internationally, which strengthened my love of supporting local companies, food photography, and adventures in general! Things I know I’ll try and prioritize (well, when I’m not studying that is).

What's your #ThunderStory? How did you find and fall in love with out brand?

It was love at first sight with Thunderbird bars! My #ThunderStory began at Whole Foods when the bar sparked my curiosity as I had never seen it before. I was most impressed by the wholesome, simplistic ingredients! The unique and complex flavors really sealed the deal.

What inspired you to take on a plant-based lifestyle?

I had always been aware of how much better I felt when I ate primarily plants, but when I discovered various documentaries in high school that emphasized the long-term health benefits of eating a plant-based diet, I decided to start shifting the way I ate. So many health issues I thought were just normal cleared away and I felt so much better! That, along with the compassionate side of it and environmental impact, has resulted in me being plant-based for over 6 years now!

How did you decide to go to med school?

The path that brought me to a plant-based diet is actually the same one that brought me to medicine. Learning about the positive impact so many plant-based doctors had on their patients and communities really resonated with me. I had always been fascinated with the body (especially the brain) and that paired with my new-found love of nutrition and along with wanting to help others, made medicine a perfect match! I believe that becoming a doctor is the best and most impactful route to help those around me, especially communities that face health inequalities and limited access to fresh food.

Any challenges you've overcome that you're proud of?

I am proud of the hard work I’ve put into financially supporting myself entirely through college, my gap year, and now medical school. Having to work in and out of various jobs along with applying to endless scholarships, is how I personally proved to myself that I wouldn’t let anything get in the way of what I wanted to accomplish. I know a lot of us can find ourselves in financially stressful positions, but if you keep your eye on the prize and aren’t afraid to work hard, you’d be surprised on what you can overcome.

What advice would you give to others who are interested in going vegan and/or just pursuing a healthier lifestyle?

My advice is to not get obsessed with titles. I like to think of being vegan and or being healthier as a spectrum. Sure, we can all aim for the ideal end, but if you find yourself falling somewhere in the middle, there’s nothing wrong with that and it can be a necessary step in your health journey. I also recommend limiting processed food/food with scary ingredients as much as you can! They are a source of excess sodium, unexpected calories, and are low in nutrients. 

What is your favorite Thunderbird flavor? 

I have a hard time choosing because I love so many but if I HAD to choose my favorite, I would say cherry hemp turmeric! I think the flavor along with the texture is just so satisfying.

What is your favorite way to enjoy Thunderbird? 

My favorite was to enjoy Thunderbird bars is when I travel and during long study sessions. In both occasions, it’s easy to find myself not able to grab a nutritious meal right away. They are a great way to curb hunger in a healthy and flavorful way (and great to share with friends). 

How can we follow along on your journey?

You can follow along on my journey via my Instagram at @BeetsByBrooke ! I share my adventures through medical school and life, give health advice as I go down the path to become a doctor, and love to share just fun and uplifting content!



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