Y'all already know how much we love to share all about our brand ambassadors, and this month we got to sit down with the 3 amazing women of Bare Nutrition! Read on to learn all about this incredible sister trio!
Tell us about yourself!

Bare Nutrition is a holistic health coaching business as well as a blog, run by us 3 sisters, Rachel, Lauren, and Jill. Rachel (oldest) is a Pilates/fitness studio owner and trainer, a holistic health coach, and a mom. Lauren (middle) is also a holistic health coach and has a background in biology. Jill (youngest) is a Barre3 instructor and a student pursuing her doctorate in physical therapy. While we all have individual areas of expertise, we all share the same whole body approach to achieving optimal wellness, and we’re on a mission to simplify that for others!

What's your #ThunderStory? 

We chose the name Bare Nutrition, because “Bare” means back to the basics, simplified, stripped down, minimal, intuitive. That’s exactly what Thunderbird bars are all about! Minimal clean ingredients, low sugar, made with real food— and they taste amazing! Clients and members of our community are ALWAYS looking for bars that fit this criteria, and we love being able to recommend Thunderbird.

What inspired you to take on a healthy lifestyle/what is your food philosophy?

We were raised in a fairly “health-focused” environment— our dad always pushed us to be active and play sports, and our mom always made home-cooked meals and there was always a vegetable! We also have a lot of cancer and other chronic illnesses that run in our family, so as we got older and learned more and more about how food can either make you sick or heal you, we started becoming even more aware of what we were putting into our bodies. Overtime we have gradually evolved to a mostly plant-based, whole food diet with minimal processed/packaged foods. We believe in cooking quick, simple meals that are extremely nutritious yet also really delicious! We also believe in eating intuitively, which also includes consciously indulging without guilt!

Any challenges you've overcome that you're proud of?

I think all 3 of us have at some point in our lives struggled with body image, orthorexia, or disordered eating. As we have gained more knowledge about nutrition, mental health, digestive health, etc. and how they all are important pieces to optimal wellness, we have been able to channel that. We have learned to stop obsessing about perfection and physical appearance and focus more on just doing the best we can, feeling good, and learning how to be intuitive rather than restrictive. A much easier and happier way to live!

What's it like running a business/brand with your sisters? What inspired you to come together to create Bare Nutrition?

We love it! Communication is key, and making sure we are all on the same page is super important. We have all always shared the same passion for nutrition and we all have similar mindsets as far as taking a truly holistic approach to wellness. We came together because we felt like people are really confused and overwhelmed when it comes to health and we want to make it simple and easy for people. Bare Nutrition provides that value with our individual areas of expertise paired with our knowledge and experience.

What is your favorite style of fitness? Why?

We all like switching it up! Pilates reformer and Barre are incredible for toning. We also love strength training and HIIT workouts to build strength and get cardio at the same time.

What advice would you give to others who are interested in living a more adventurous, disconnected, balanced lifestyle?

Be present! Disconnect from your phone and other distractions, and instead connect with nature and those around you. Daily meditation and a gratitude journal are great, too :)

What is your favorite Thunderbird flavor? 

We love them all but we all share the same all-time favorite— HAZELNUT COFFEE MACA!

What is your favorite way to enjoy Thunderbird?

Thunderbird is great to take on the go! Rachel loves keeping the kid’s bar on hand for her son, Lauren always takes them when she travels, and Jill takes them for her long school days and clinic days.

How can we follow along on your journey? 

Instagram: @barenutritionhealth

Website/Blog: barenutritionhealth.com

Anything else you would like to share! 

We just launched a new website as well as a 10-day Meal Plan designed to help people get back on track. Follow us on Instagram and/or subscribe to our blog to learn more!




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Rachel Shay