We didn’t always know that we were going to launch a chocolate line— though it was a dream for quite some time.  Once the thought landed in our imaginations, as with anything worthwhile, it was one that had a lot of factors to consider.  We are dreamers over here, so there are lots of ideas that come and go, but for us to really pursue a new one, there had to be two very important elements present:

1.  Good ingredients that contribute to a healthier mind and body

2.  Good flavors that are not compromised just because the product is healthy.

It’s no mystery these days that cacao is a hugely beneficial ingredient for so many systems in the human body— that’s why we knew that our starting ingredient had to be 100% cacao.  The amount of positive elements packed into this tiny little bean are truly impressive— Inflammation-reducing polyphenols, antioxidants, improved blood flow to your brain, mood-boosting properties and, in some cases, even anti-diabetic qualities. Not to mention, there isn’t anyone on the planet who doesn’t love the taste (we choose to remain blissfully unaware of the rare species of people who claim to not like chocolate).  Dare we say, there may not be a more tasty union of health & flavor in one ingredient?

Which is, ultimately, why we knew we had to see this dream through!  Chocolate was a go!

Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time brainstorming flavor combos, creating recipes, taste-testing, tweaking, removing, improving, starting over, repeat.  Many a lunch breaks were spent around the conference table with samples ready and waiting to be tasted and critiqued.  We knew that we were using only the best ingredients— real fruits, nuts, seeds, spices + 100% cacao— but what we also needed to ensure, was that the flavors were all what they could and should be.

Fast forward to today and what we consider to be, 4 AMAZING chocolate flavors with the same emphasis on REAL, plant-based, paleo ingredients with ZERO added sugar.  This is an addiction you can feel good about … and yes, we are officially addicted, in case you were wondering.

We could not be more proud or excited about all of the time, hard work and heart that have gone into this very special Chocolate line, because, guys, it’s GOOD. 

Head to our website to check out all 4 of the new flaves and shop the discount by using the code:

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