We love our Thunderbird Ambassadors, so we decided to start introducing y'all to the members of our flock!

Amanda Dowdy is a native Texan who plays beach volleyball for Team USA. She's also a huge Thunderbird fan and all around awesome lady, full of great energy!


Tell us a little about yourself that you want to share with your fellow Ambassadors.

I am native to Thrall, TX and grew up on a ranch. My hometown has a population of about 1500 people. I grew up playing all sports — basketball, volleyball, high jump were my main three. I now travel the world playing professional beach volleyball for team USA and domestically on the AVP Tour.

I enjoy sketching, reading, and spending as much of my free time with my family as possible. I love being home! I travel majority of the year so it’s always a treat to just be home. I have a passion for the outdoors. Anytime I can get outside and unplug I try to take advantage.

My favorite outdoor activity is hiking! It’s always an accomplishing feeling when you make it to the very top of your hike. It’s like a breath of fresh air…literally. :) I also have a passion for helping others. I have a lot of compassion for those who have experienced trauma of any kind. I hope to combine that passion with my love of travel and go on a mission trip later this year.

How did you end up pursuing beach volleyball as a career?

I experienced my first AVP tournament back in 2005 in Austin, TX as a spectator when my brother took me for my 15th birthday. I fell in love with the sport then and there. I remember telling myself then that I would be a professional beach volleyball athlete some day.

I played indoor volleyball at Texas Tech University and professional indoor volleyball in Germany and Puerto Rico. When I would be home in Austin in between my pro indoor seasons I would play beach volleyball for fun with friends or in local tournaments to stay in shape for my indoor season.

When I made the choice to hang it up indoor I decided to take a leap of faith and try my hand in beach volleyball. Fast forward a couple years and I am now living that very dream I had as a 15 year old.

What's your next adventure, after playing volleyball in Austin?

After competing in Austin, I am headed to China to compete for team USA at the end of May.

What's your favorite Thunderbird bar?

My favorite thunderbird bar is Cherry Walnut Cinnamon. I am a sucker for anything with cinnamon!

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Instagram: @adowdy11

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