A few months back, we had the pleasure of driving out to one of Austin's loveliest camping grounds to hang around with our RV buds, Molly & Jonathan, under a green canopy of Texas Oaks.  We had a million questions for them.  What was life like on the road?  What have the challenges been?  What have the lessons been?  Hearing these two talk about the new life they had forged for themselves, despite all of the road blocks and unforeseen sacrifices, left us feeling so, insanely inspired.

A lot of work goes into living minimally.  Rewarding work, but, work nonetheless.  All of a sudden, things that weren't necessarily challenges before ... became challenging.  There were little things like limited storage space, flat tires in the middle of nowhere and a toilet debacle which shall remain unnamed.  But then there were also more personal things.  As we sat around the picnic table with their two pups at our feet, Jonathan talked about his past experiences working as chef and how it hasn't been the easiest thing to know how to carry his passion for cooking into the RVing world.  He dreamed out loud about maybe putting together a cook book, but the vision wasn't quite yet clear ... it was more the consistency of soup.  Literally.

Fast-forward to just a couple of weeks ago, when we received a very exciting announcement!!  Jonathan DID make that cookbook and was officially sharing it with the world!  We couldn't help but feel so proud of our friend for having a goal and making it happen.  After all, pursuing a life of less stuff was all about creating more space for joy, creativity and passion!

Congratulations friend, and thank you so much for sharing your amazing culinary creativities with us!  We can't wait to get slurpin!

Purchase your very own copy of Soup Share HERE

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