With summer in full swing, we're daydreaming about the iconic America adventure: road trips. And what better way to travel the open road than four wheels that double as a home to sleep in? We took a little time to research the history of the classic RV and here are some fun facts we came up with:

  • The first motorized campers were built around 1910 as an alternative to private sleeper cars on trains.
  • The RV industry really took off after World War II, and travel trailers were developed in the 1950s as a means to tow recreational vehicles behind a regular car.
  • It was also in the early 1950s that the iconic Volkswagen campers started to hit the market. Referred to as "Volkswagen Type 2" (aka Transporter or Microbus), it was the second car model that VW introduced (after the Beetle).

Though we're not on the road ourselves, we have two brand ambassadors who have taken their leap from house to RV living. They recently hit the road with Thunderbird Bars to wander the US. Check out Molly and Jonathan's story below! 

Molly and Jonathan: Brand Ambassadors

Molly and Jonathan became brand ambassadors for Thunderbird because of their love of healthy snacks and outdoor activities. They have two dogs named Watson and Ziggy. They're currently on their way to spend a few months working and volunteering with the National Park Service! 

Here's a little excerpt on how they decided to live full time in an RV:

We were planning our wedding in 2013 and realized being "normal" wasn't going to work for us. We didn't want to register at Bed Bath and Beyond, we didn't know if we wanted kids and we really just wanted to explore together. So we concocted a plan to live a nomadic life in an RV.

Over the next five years we saved, planned, bought a 19' travel trailer, which we lovingly named Nonie, and spent two summers on the road. Our first summer we spent in the North East - traveling through 2 provinces in Canada and 7 states. The following summer we volunteered in New Mexico with the National Park Service for 2 months and explored the four corners region.

At that point we knew - this dream of traveling full time could become a reality. We sold our home, gave almost everything away and moved into 152 square feet with our two dogs. We're spending this summer working and volunteering at Chaco Canyon and then who knows what comes next! Anywhere is possible and that's our new normal. 

Why they love Thunderbird Bars:

Energy bars are a big component of our outdoor lifestyle. We carry them on hikes for easy snacking, road trips and long work days at the NPS. We used to eat different brands but realized that we were basically consuming candy bars. After we cut those out, we began the hunt for a new energy bar to help sustain us and to generally avoid hanger (hanger is a VERY REAL thing). We found Thunderbird bars on Instagram and noticed that it might meet all our dietary needs. After exploring their website, values, adventure focus - we ordered a variety pack and have been hooked ever since!

If you want to follow along their adventures, head to their Instagram page at @mollyandjonathan

Happy traveling, everyone. Don't forget to put on sunscreen and pack your snacks! 

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