We are loving the #thunderbirdbar tagged Instagram pictures and are excited to present the third edition of "Eat, Tag, Win!" Customer Jessie snapped this great shot while on her anniversary trip in Durango, Colorado. She grew up backpacking and enjoying the great outdoors, and she currently coaches at CrossFit renew in Austin, Texas.

Name: Jessie Rhodes
Location: Engineer Mountain, Colorado
Favorite bar: Hazelnut + Coffee + Maca Thunderbird Bar
The story:  "We really wanted to get to the top of Engineer Mountain, and just barely beat the afternoon storm to an amazing view of the valley. The wildflowers were amazing. The hike was steep and fun. This photo was taken as we headed back down to try to find a place to escape the angry looking clouds and lighting heading our way. We got off the exposed area of the mountain before the rain, but as we headed down into the trees the rain turned to hail."
Dream vacation/adventure: "I would love to explore the Swiss Alps and do a mix of hiking, trail running and espresso drinking:) I grew up in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, and also have spent a ton of time on the west coast of BC. Any adventure in that area of the world is stunning."
Do you want to be the next winner? Start tagging @thunderbirdbar and using the hashtag #thunderbirdbar on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pictures, and your picture could be the Thunderbird homepage shot of the month. The monthly winner will receive a box of bars and some other great Thunderbird bar gear!
What are we looking for?
  • Must have a people of persons
  • Face cannot be identifiable
  • Outdoor, fun, active, adventure, and visually powerful
  • Embodies the Thunderbird bar lifestyle of living life to the fullest
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