Here at Thunderbird, there are two things that are most important to us.  First: Staying true to our roots by only using Real Food ingredients and never adding a drop of extra sugar (or any other sweetener).  Second: Continuing to ensure that our ingredients and flavors are the absolute best that they can be!  With that being said, we are very excited to tell y’all about the latest improvements we've rolled out across the line, for both Thunderbird and Thunderkids bars!  

1.   The full line of our 10 Thunderbird bars are *drum roll* Paleo Certified!  We’ve pulled out the remaining non-paleo ingredients like buckwheat groats and quinoa to offer our paleo pals even more flavors to love!

2.  All bars, including our Thunderkids line, will soon be officially Kosher certified!  You should start to see the Kosher symbol on all packages very soon, so stay tuned!

3.  We’ve made a few yummy tweaks to some of our flavor profiles and ingredient ratios, by incorporating more superfoods into the mix!  More real (100% cacao) chocolate, more mint, more roasted hemp seeds-- because more of a good thing is a good thing!  With these tweaks, we’ve even renamed 2 of our bars!  Cherry Walnut Cinnamon is now Cherry Hemp Turmeric and Cacao Hemp Walnut is now Chocolate Mint Walnut.  Mmmmm we’re drooling just thinking about ‘em!

4. Lastly, we have also jumped on board with the newest FDA guidelines for nutritional transparency (read what they are HERE), which means that all of the Thunderbird bars get a fancy new, bold-lettered statement reading “Includes 0g Added Sugars.”  No agave, no honey, no refined or processed sugar, no fructose, glucose or any others you can think of!  With all of these improvements comes a few changes to the nutritional facts for each bar.  You can see the updated nutritional panels HERE. 

We have been and will always remain a Real Food Bar company using only fruits, nuts, seeds and spices.  Nothing else, no matter what!  Thanks for being on board with our mission and for making the Thunderbird flock the coolest one out there.  (We're also sometimes known for throwing in bonus, top-secret information for the ones who read all the way to the bottom of our blog entry ;)  So, here it is:  Be on the lookout for an entire line of CHOCOLATE bars, coming soon.  You heard right.  Still 100% cacao, no added sugar and no dairy.  Get excited, y’all!

Thank you for your ongoing support and for continuing to make our story one that we are so proud to tell!

Your Thunderbird Team

Still have questions?  We want to hear them!  Call us at (512) 383-8334, or let us know your thoughts at

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