Last week we introduced you to our Ambassador Dani and her inspiring tale of simplifying her life into a van and hitting the mountains of Colorado, where she resides today teaching yoga, slacklining, rock climbing and just plain being incredible. Keep reading to see her journey from Austin to autonomous, and find out how you can get involved with the #LessIsMore movement!

An Idea Is Born
In the spring of 2014 Dani was happily living with her partner in Austin, TX while teaching yoga full time and traveling the world. One morning over coffee her roommates asked her what she would do if she didn't live with them rent free. She thought for a moment before responding, “probably in my car".

A Decision Is Made
After separating from her partner of 3 years, Dani had a lot of decisions to make. Stay in Austin? Put down roots? Keep pursuing an alternate lifestyle? She made the terrifying choice to continue down a path of following her heart. 

“I knew I wanted to have the freedom of living in a mobile "home", but I had no idea where I would go when I got one!”

A Destination Is Found
After attending a teacher training with the YogaSlackers, a group of deeply inspiring individuals that slackline, do acroyoga, and live wildly adventurous lives, Dani took her first of 3 trips to Colorado. She met a few amazing people in Golden, Colorado that shared many of her hobbies, and she knew the location was right.

“The pieces started falling into place without much effort on my end. I just sat back and said YES.

Setting Up For Success
On Dani’s third trip to Colorado she lined up a few interviews in the coffee industry. She knew she wanted to find a job that she didn’t have to sacrifice her lifestyle for, and that would allow her to pursue her passions.

“IF I got a job, it was game on and all the saving and hypothetical ideas of van living would be put to the test! And guess what?  I GOT THE JOB.”

Crunch Time
It was time to find a future home and make it livable. Dani decided to do a Facebook post announcing her move and need for a van. A climbing buddy of Dani’s responded and said he had a van, but he feared it wouldn't be "nice enough."  

“I wasn't looking for nice; I was looking for empty, a blank slate, practicality, and hoping for standing room. Miraculously it was EVERYTHING I could have hoped for!”

The Build
Thanks to the help of the community, in just a few short days of hard work and a lot of imagination, the van went from dusty, dirty , and messy to having a closet, flooring, insulation, new wall paneling, an amazing bed, art, and loads of good energy! Dani had made her dream a reality and headed to Golden, Colorado to spend time in the mountains and pursue her passions.

“I have settled into van life surprisingly easy, like it was meant to be. It was...for me. For you, van living may not light you up or inspire you. That’s fine! Get out there and find out what does! To live a life of passion and vibrancy you must seek it out with a fury, chasing your dreams as they evolve. Have fun out there y'all!”

Your Turn
Want to get involved and simplify your own life to find your true inner bird? We've curated two easy steps that you can follow within the next few months to discover what moves you in no time.

Step 1: Simplify Your Life
Have a ton of old t-shirts taking up space in your closet or papers cluttering your desk that you just can’t seem to get rid of? What is keeping you attached to them?  SIMPLIFY! You may be surprised to find yourself lighter, happier, and with less holding you back from achieving your goals and doing what truly makes you happy.

During the month of November, post a picture of yourself on Instagram simplifying your life. This could be a picture of you throwing away old t-shirts, cleaning out your desk, or even your fridge! Hashtag the picture with #thunderbirdbars and #LessIsMore for a chance to win a free case of your favorite Thunderbird Bars!
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