What does Thunderbird have in common with our Ambassador, Dani Whitehead? Lots of things. For starters, we both strive to inspire you to get out and do “that thing” that you have always wanted to do. “That thing,” you’ve always told yourself you couldn’t do, are too old to do, not experienced enough to do, not fit enough to do. Second, we strive for simplicity. When it comes to our bars, we’ve stripped away all of the gimmicks, the added sugar, and the refined ingredients to provide our community with pure, clean, sustainable energy in a convenient, on-the-go fashion. Similarly, Dani has stripped away the materialistic necessities from her life, packing her belongings into a van in order to follow her dreams and travel the world, teaching yoga, climbing, slack-lining (to just name a few of her activities…) while inspiring those around her to pursue their own dreams living dormant inside of them—whether it be to travel, practice yoga, run a marathon, learn to rock climb…the possibilities are endless! It is for these reasons that Thunderbird and our Ambassador Dani have partnered up to create the #LessIsMore Project, to help you all unleash the fittest, bravest, truest versions of yourselves and help kick-start you all into the practice of a healthy, happy, active lifestyle, fueled by Thunderbird Bars and passion.

Dani’s tale is a truly inspiring one full of grit, determination and passion, that is still unfolding before her very eyes. She has so graciously offered her own account of how she gave up what we all see as daily necessities, built out a van, and headed for the mountains of Colorado, where she happily resides today. Check back on Monday to see how Dani simplified her life and to see how you can get involved with the #LessIsMore Project.

Keep up with Dani’s journey on Instagram by following @whitehawkyoga

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