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If you're new around here, you should know we absolutely LOVE our TBird Flock. One of our favorite things is to brag on their behalf (like BBFs do) in an ambassador feature on our blog.

This month, we sat down with the one and only 5x Professional Disc Golf World Champion Paige Pierce. In honor of her recent Disc Golf Pro Tour victory at the MVP Open at Maple Hill, we're sharing all the 411 on this All Star!


Photo courtesy of @ppierce29190 | @localroutedg / @discgolfprotour

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Paige Pierce and I am a 5x World Champion in the sport of disc golf. I was born in Plano, Texas and have been playing since I was around 4 years old. Over my adolescent years I grew more and more fascinated with the competitive side of the sport and went on a summer tour in 2010 and have not looked back since. I have lived on the road ever since then, traveling year round in my converted Ford Transit.

What's your #ThunderStory? 

A good friend of mine, Mike Beshore, transferred to Austin to work for Thunderbird and he knew I was a huge fan of tasty and healthy natural food bars so he gave me a call. He sent me a box of bars to try out and the rest is history. Each bar impressed me more than the rest with the visible ingredients and delicious flavor combinations. I have not eaten another bar since!

What inspired you to take on a healthy lifestyle/what is your food philosophy?

Honestly, I used to have the misconception that healthy food did not taste good, that lead me into all the guilty foods we all know. Once I started to check in with my body and really try to assess how I feel after food I decided I needed to make a change. Not only that, but I began to grow curious where the food I was eating came from and had some crazy revelations about where most of our meat comes from and what types of things that meat is fed. Now I find myself gravitating more towards vegan options.

Any challenges you've overcome that you're proud of?

Most of the challenges I have overcome in my adult life have been on the disc golf course. This is actually a huge reason why I am so fascinated with disc golf. It is so much about breaking past mental blocks that will surely arise. Just about every competitive round I play I find myself having to push past some feelings of doubt and I really like the challenge of quieting the mind. I feel like I will continue to grow and adapt every round I play, and that is what keeps me coming back.

Photo courtesy of @ppierce29190 & @avdiscgolf

What is your favorite style of fitness or workout regimen? 

I have a coach that I work with through Disc Golf Strong. We focus mostly on stability and strength. A lot of the motions in disc golf require good balance so most of the workouts we do are to build those stabilizer muscles. I also do a lot of hiking on off days!

What advice would you give to others who are interested in living a more adventurous, (dis)connected, balanced lifestyle?

Just do it. It is so easy to be lazy, but easy is not what we are after. Chances are when you are reading this you are wishing you were outside. Well, don’t let me stop you. I encourage you, push past that transition stage of getting up and getting shoes on because we all know, beauty is just outside the door.

What is your favorite Thunderbird flavor? 

Oh man, really? I would say Texas Maple Pecan or Chocolate Coconut Cashew based on the flavor but I really enjoy the unique crunchy texture of the Hemp Sunflower Pumpkin Seed.


What is your favorite way to enjoy Thunderbird? 

Oh, I think you have guessed it by now… On the disc golf course. They are perfect mid round when you can not make food but you need good sustainable energy. They are also really rewarding at the top of an overlook after crushing a strenuous hike!

How can we follow along on your journey? 

My handle on Instagram is @ppierce29190 this is where I do most of my social media. Or you can check out some of my tour life vlogs and/or some of my competitive rounds on my youtube channel which is

Anything else you would like to share! 

Check out my website for a more detailed about me or to check out where I will be playing in the near future.

Photo courtesy of @ppierce29190 & @avdiscgolf

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