Hey y’all! It’s time for another ambassador spotlight! We met up with longtime Thunderbird ambassador and friend, Coach Sarah, who made the trip all the way from NYC to ATX! We had so much fun catching up and hearing all about her #ThunderStory. Read on to hear all about it! 



Tell us about yourself!

I am a plant-based strength and conditioning coach in New York City. I have developed my own system and I apply to my athletes that is a hybrid of convention and unconventional training focusing on longevity and performance.  I have been coaching people for about 8 years in the city; prior to that I performed professionally in musical theatre. Along with living a healthy lifestyle that is active, I love traveling! 

What's your #ThunderStory? 

I discovered Thunderbirds at the gym I was working at.  Plant-based bars are limiting nevermind clean healthy bars that are delicious.  Living in New York City, you are constantly on the go and Thunderbird bars are a perfect option for me either as a midday snack or a pre-workout snack. I love the brand because they were created for athletes by athletes and focused on using simple clean ingredients.  I also love the community aspect of Thunderbird with their focus on doing different events and activities as a way to get to bring people together.   

What inspired you to take on a healthy lifestyle/what is your food philosophy?

Through my family health’s history, it motivated me at a young age to live a healthy and active lifestyle so I can grow older and continue to be active and healthy.  

Any challenges you've overcome that you're proud of?

Moving to New York City, pursuing a career in musical theatre at a young age while adjusting to life in the big apple.  My first year in New York was a challenge of trying to figure out the audition scene, continue to take dance and voice classes, work three jobs to be able to live in the city, and try to have balance life  There were moments that year I would doubt myself, wanted to give up and move back home. However, through perseverance I continued and have developed so much over the last ten years and continue to keep the drive in order to keep growing and live an optimal life for myself.  




What is your favorite style of fitness or workout regime? 

My favorite style is a hybrid of conventional and unconventional strength paired with high intensity training for condition. I always focus on longevity and performance in order There is no substitution for strength, however I always focus and program for longevity and performance.  

What advice would you give to others who are interested in living a more adventurous, disconnected, balanced lifestyle?

If something scares you or you experience hesitation because it takes you out of your comfort zone then do it!  Everytime we put ourselves in that position whether it is traveling, trying a new workout, going to a social event, changing jobs; we will grow and learn from the experience no matter what the outcome is because it will expand out comfort zone.  



What is your favorite Thunderbird flavor? 

My favorite Thunderbird flavor is a tie between the Hazelnut Coffee Maca bar and the Pecans-Goji Pistachio.  I love having the Hazelnut Coffee with a morning cup of coffee and the Pecan-Goji as a midday/ pre-workout snack.  

What is your favorite way to enjoy Thunderbird? 

They are the perfect snack bar, so I will always have a few in my gym bag for a pre-workout snack.  I take them when I am traveling, hiking, going to the beach; they travel very well!  

How can we follow along on your journey? 

Best way to follow along is through my IG handle: _coach_sarah I live in New York City and host events so if you are ever in the area please let me know.  I also travel a lot and love visiting Austin! 

Anything else you would like to share! 

If anyone is in search for fitness, food, and fun please join me on a fitness retreat to Costa Rica! Sign up for the 2020 Jumpstart Fitness with Ketanga Fitness Retreat HERE!


Are you interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Thunderbird? Check out our application HERE!

Rachel Shay