Texas Maple Pecan 

INGREDIENTS: Pecans, Dates, Himalayan Sea Salt, Maple Extract, Cinnamon


With only five all-natural ingredients, our Texas Maple Pecan bar has a ton flavor! Texas Maple Pecan is one of our date-based bars and if you couldn't tell by now, we believe strongly in the health benefits of flavonoids. Plus, dates make the perfect base for this sweet tasting bar. We also like to balance out sweetness with a Himalayan Sea Salt. As we mentioned in our last blog post, this type of salt can help balance pH levels and increase your metabolism! Pecans are considered a heart healthy nut because they are rich in monounsaturated fats that help reduce the risk of heart disease. They also add a great amount of texture to the Texas Maple Pecan bar! 


Another key ingredient is maple. Not only does it add a rich, sweet flavor, but maple extract has been known to help prevent diabetes as well as strengthen your immune system! Cinnamon is packed full of antioxidants. Similar to maple, cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels and has a strong anti-diabetic effect. The ingredients we put in our bars are in part about flavor, but they are also about the health benefits. We will always believe that people deserve to know what is in the food they are putting into their bodies while not sacrificing taste! That’s why we only pick the best ingredients to make our bars! 



Rachel Shay