Boosting Immunity with Micronutrients

If you live in the US and have a heartbeat, you've inevitably been exposed to health and nutrition experts, or self proclaimed experts (Does 1MM followers on TikTok make someone an expert?), who will tell you about how important macronutrients are to your well-being. And they're right, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates all play a role in a healthy diet.

And while macros are important, more research is showing that vital body functions like the immune system and cellular recovery are supported in large part by smaller, less focused-on compounds. Plant based phytochemicals such as polyphenols, minerals like magnesium and zinc, vitamin D and other micronutrients are important to keeping our body operating the best it can and activating immunity pathways that help us fend off illness.

“There is growing interest in the role of the micronutrients (essential trace elements and vitamins) in optimizing health and in prevention or treatment of disease,” writes Professor A Shenkin from the Division of Clinical Chemistry at the University of Liverpool. “This stems partly from the increase in knowledge and understanding of the biochemical functions of these nutrients…”

For example, dried fruits such as figs and dates, as well as nuts like cashews and pecans, contain various phytochemicals that play a role in literally priming our immune system and helping us ward off things like cancer and dementia. Or did you know that polyphenols are found in dates, pecans, hazelnuts, and cacao (Read: chocolate is no longer a guilty pleasure 😉) which recent research suggests boosts brain health and protects against heart disease. Magnesium, found in figs, cashews, and cacao, is used in hundreds of vital body processes including in the activation of Vitamin D which we get from the sun 🌞. 

Research on Micronutrients is showing the positive impact they have on our health

Long story short - thinking beyond the macros is necessary for optimum health.

Why should you care?

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Rachel Shay