We are so excited to introduce you to one of the newest members of our TBird Ambassador Flock, Sam! Sam is real-food fanatic and outdoor enthusiast. She is an expert in hiking and leads group hikes in the PNW. You'll be seeing more of her in our blog and social channels, as she is our newest blog contributor! Before we share all of her insider knowledge on the great outdoors, we wanted to share all about this amazing gal. Read on for our full interview! 


Tell us about yourself!

I am a pediatric nurse practitioner who moved from New York City to Seattle, WA 2 years ago. I am extremely active and love hiking, backpacking, skiing, running, pilates, yoga, and being outdoors. I’m happiest in the mountains. I love to travel and if you can’t already tell, I am always on the go. I lead hikes in the Washington area. I am also a big fan of reading, board games, and puzzles. I am generally health conscious but love gluten free treats, vegan ice cream, and dark chocolate.


What's your #ThunderStory? 

I first discovered Thunderbird on Thrive market. I only choose bars with minimal ingredients I could pronounce so finding them felt like a huge win. I brought the Cashew Fig Carrot on a hike and was blown away. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was starving or it was actually amazing but have now had all the flavors at all the times and still love the creative combos!  


What inspired you to take on a healthy, active lifestyle?

I’ve always been active. I did competitive cheerleading through college and when I retired I picked up running. Gradually hiking followed but living in NYC I was only able to when I traveled. When I moved to Seattle I became addicted to being in the mountains and I try to go for a hike at least once a week. After college, I started learning more about nutrition and loved learning about the science behind it and how food heals and can prevent a lot of chronic diseases. Gradually my taste buds changed and I crave big bowls of vegetables, nut butter, and dark chocolate.

Any challenges you've overcome that you're proud of?

I moved across the country at 27 years old knowing no one, made friends, and put down roots. I also learned to ski at 29 which was scary and fun. I’m currently recovering from a sacral stress fracture which has been mentally tough when so much of my identity revolves around activity. It’s been tough resting, not being in the mountains, and not being able to go full steam ahead but I know I’ll be back climbing mountains soon.


What is your favorite way to be active? 

HIKING! I’m also a runner. With my injury I took on mat pilates and now have a deep love for it. I am always down to try a new form of movement or workout class.



What advice would you give to others who are interested in living a more adventurous, disconnected, balanced lifestyle?

Your comfort zone is just that, comfortable. If something feels a little scary or uncomfortable (as long as it’s safe), I say go for it! Some of my most happiest days were spent pushing myself outside of my comfort zone: long distance trekking in foreign countries, challenging myself to long mileage days, tall mountains, and learning to ski. Also spend time in nature, it heals!


What is your favorite Thunderbird flavor? 

I would have to say Hazelnut Coffee Maca, but honestly I love them all. Pecan Goji Pistachio I was the most surprised by how much I liked.


What is your favorite way to enjoy Thunderbird? 

On the trail! Usually late hike as a little treat. I also like them as a 3pm snack or with breakfast.  


How can we follow along on your journey? 

Instagram! @samgoldk. If you like an authentic look at hiking and travel (especially solo) I’m your girl! I’ll be taking on my longest backpacking trip on the Wonderland trail later this summer so give me a follow to follow along! I’m also an ambassador for @girlgetoutside. 


Anything else you would like to share! 

A day spent on a mountain is always a day well spent. 


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