What is your typical morning ritual? Do you stretch? Do you plan? Well here is how one of our ambassadors, Jenna, starts her  mornings, which seems like the best way to start a morning when you may need to tackle a busy day. 

My morning ritual is really special and quite unique!
The first thing we do each morning lays the foundation for how the remainder of our day will be. Once I implemented a daily morning ritual, my entire life changed!
For me, I start my days off in a variety of ways, but my favorite "go-to" morning practice starts off like this: 

- NO PHONE for 1st hour of your day!
- LAY IN SILENCE: I lay in bed with my eyes closed, say a prayer of blessings, thanks and gratitude to God for giving me another day on this earth. While in bed, I place my hands on my belly and heart and take 10 slow deep breaths and recite personal affirmations and commitments in my mind and out loud.
-  I then roll onto my yoga mat and begin a beautiful wake up series!
- DEEP BREATHING PRACTICES: this is focused on deep belly breathing focused only on my breath and filling my entire body with oxygen it needs to fully function. If you want to learn more, just ask! I have lots of tips and tricks for yummy heart opening breath work. 
- 30 MINUTES OF MEDITATION: . Sometimes I listen to music and other times I lay on my back, close my eyes and put all of my attention on my breath, connecting with all my feeling allowing them to be there. A lot of times uncomfortable feelings come up in the beginning of my meditation practice. When this happens I take my attention to the places that don’t feel quite right and send them radiating waves of love. It works everytime!
- PRAYER and 5-10 minutes of JOURNALING  out my thoughts. 
- DRINK WATER! Lots of water and then I have a bullet proof coffee :)
Other times my mind is really going at it and talks ALOT, that’s when I whip out my paint brushes and canvas and go to town!

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