How to set healthy goals for 2018

The time of year has come to start thinking about the goals you’re going to tackle in 2018, right? But how do you set healthy goals that set you up for success?

Here are five quick tips on setting healthy goals for 2018. 

  1. Set goals that motivate you. Feeling inspired is some of the best fuel to get things done. Choosing goals that encourage a feeling of enthusiasm helps you stay excited and committed to the goals you set. Goals that motivate stick because they’re more easily maintained than ones that are dull or boring.
  2. Share your goals. Speaking to people about your goals not only makes them real, it makes you more accountable and often times gives you a pride in sharing your journey and accomplishments. In turn, you may inspire others to set their own goals or they may even join you in achieving similar feats.
  3. Write them down. You’ve heard it before – and for good reason! Research has shown that you’re more likely to be successful in achieving your goals if you write them down. Being able to see your goal in writing makes them much more realistic and tangible. Place them somewhere where you can see it every day and the likelihood of achieving those goals increases even more!
  4. Specific, measureable and timely. It’s easy to write goals that sound and feel good. But it’s imperative to also make sure your goals are quantitative. Setting goals that are specific helps define what exactly you’re trying to accomplish. Making sure they’re measureable helps quantify your success. Lastly, making them timely encourages deadlines so you know where and when the finish line is.
  5. Plan the steps. When we set goals, we tend to visualize the end result. This is great for staying motivated, however, prioritizing the steps to get to the end results is equally important. Planning the steps to achieve your goals also makes the journey less overwhelming. By focusing on the day-to-day steps and plan to get there, you’ll reach your goals with more ease and preparedness.

 2018 Goals

What are your healthy goals for 2018? Comment below – we’d love to hear them!


Author: Katie Merritt, NTC. Creator of The Wellu,

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