SXSW is around the corner, and whether you’re a seasoned vet or a first-timer, we’ve crafted a little Essentials Guide for you that's jam-packed with our favorite local brands (and some additional non-optionals) to help you survive the crowds and lines, from morning all the way through the late-night shows!

Step 1: Fuel up! Grab a nutrient-dense, delicious breakfast or brunch at one of our favorites:


Forthright Café 

Kerby Lane Café


Step 2: Caffeinate with Chameleon Cold Brew 

Step 3: Pack your purse, fanny-pack, or backpack with:


SPF (you can thank us later)

Portable phone charger

Thunderbird Bars (The hanger gets REAL while you’re waiting in line!) 

CLEAN Water - avoid dehydration (or over-intoxication) by chugging this local to Austin, bottled for a cause water in between venues or while you’re waiting in line. We also recommend bringing a Camelback or collapsible water bottle, since you cannot bring bottled drinks inside venues. 

Step 4: Rejuvenate with Daily Greens

Let’s face it. The morning after a day/night of SXSW is never pretty. Reset your body and get back to feeling your best with a bottle of local, cold-pressed greens so you can do it all over again!



 P.S.-- Not sure how to find out about events or plan your day effectively? Download the Do512 app to see everything that's going on in the city during the festival and RSVP to events! 

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