It’s finally Spring, and we are so grateful that we get to experience this beautiful season in our home city of Austin, Texas. Here at Thunderbird, we are all about adventure and nourishing food, two things Austin has an endless supply of! In order to encourage you lucky locals (or those of you visiting) to get outdoors and enjoy all that our amazing city has to offer, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 favorite activities to do during Spring in Austin. Enjoy!!!

  1. Hike and bike

Grab a friend, your pup, or maybe just a pair of earphones and hit the trails…Austin has plenty of beautiful hike and bike trails to explore. See the top 12 favorite trails for beginners and pros alike here.


TB Tip: Sculpture Falls at Barton Creek. A moderate-level 5 mile trail that offers easy accessibility for furry friends and youngsters alike, with plenty of breath-taking waterfalls and scenic spots to take a break and go for a swim or snack on a Thunderbird Bar!


  1. Check out a swimming hole

Test your tolerance for frigid waters or catch some rays at the always-packed Barton Springs, or take a day trip and visit the one of the other beautiful swimming spots around Austin listed here.

 Photo cred: Alan Davis

TB Tip: Beat the heat at Lost Creek…a peaceful escape from the busy buzzing city.


  1. Enjoy a meal outdoors

Austin is home to dozens of unique, trendy, and cozy outdoor patios perfect for treating yourself to happy hour. Don’t feel like spending the money? Pack up a picnic lunch and head to Zilker Park to people (and puppy) watch, and maybe join in a soccer, volleyball, or Frisbee game with some like-minded strangers!


TB Tip: Stock up on all your favorite local-made snacks and beverages at Royal Blue Grocers (don’t forget the Thunderbird Bars!), grab a blanket and some shades, and enjoy your meal picnic-style at Zilker with the best view of the skyline the city has to offer.


  1. Learn to Slackline

Looking to break a sweat and expand your athletic ability to nature? Join the newest fad to the Austin Fit Community: Slacklining! Check out the Facebook Page for the Slackline community in Austin to try your hand safely with the pros!


TB Tip: Keep an eye out for when the YogaSlackers are in town and attend one of their meet ups… you’ll also likely connect with some of our Ambassadors who teach for the group such as Mateo Daniel and Dani Whitehead!


  1. Kayak on Lady Bird Lake

Catch a glimpse of the most breathtaking view of the city from the peaceful wakes of Lady Bird Lake. Visit one of the rental docks located around the lake for cheap rental prices and a day of fun for all ages!

Ambassador Gustavo Padron soaking up the sun with a Thunderbird Bar!


TB Tip: Take things to the next level and try Stand-Up Paddleboarding at Epic SUP! Want to get Zen on the water? Take a SUP yoga class at sunset for a perfect nightcap.

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