If you're like me, you may have already fallen off the wagon. If you are still going strong, then good for you! The good news for the rest of is that now is a perfect time to reset.

One of the most common resolutions is to eat healthier. Many of you may be taking part in the Whole 30 challenge, a paleo challenge, or one of the many diet challenges out there. We know these can be tough, so we are here to help!

Our bars weren’t made for a specific diet, but by using whole ingredients and no additives, Thunderbird bars fit with just about every diet out there. Here’s a quick overview of the Whole30 program rules:

✅ Eat real food
✅ Eat food with very few ingredients
❌ No added sugars
❌ No grains
❌ No legumes
❌ No dairy

For those that do follow the Whole 30 program, try a Cacao Hemp Walnut bar, Cashew Fig Carrot bar, or any of the nut and seed line of Thunderbird bars.

We are all going to fall off the wagon at some point. Just remember that it's never too late to refresh and reset!
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