Happy Women’s Equality Day AND National Wellness Month! To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of some of the wellness industry’s influential and strong female leaders.

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford: Founder of Therapy for Black Girls and the Resident Psychologist at Oprah Magazine 


Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a licensed psychologist, speaker, author, media personality, and is the founder and host of Therapy For Black Girls. Both Dr. Joy and the Therapy For Black Girls platform make conversations around mental health more relevant and create mental wellness accessibility for Black women. Her work to destigmatize mental health and create a safe space to find resources inspires us daily!

Click here to learn more about Therapy For Black Girls and here to follow Dr. Joy Harden Bradford’s journey!

Sophie Jaffe: Founder of Philosophie Superfoods, Co-host of The IGNTD podcast, Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Influencer



Sophie Jaffe is an OG Thunderbirdie and has been in our flock for years! Not only is she a creative leader, entrepreneur, and wellness tycoon, but she is also an incredible and proud mama to her 3 little ones. Her superfood brand, Pilosophie, just launched their newest product, a creamy and delicious Dream Butter. We cannot wait to slather this superfood macadamia butter allll over a Texas Maple Pecan bar! 

Tabitha Brown: Actress and Vegan Icon


If you like fun recipe videos, inspiring conversations, and honest product reviews, Tabitha Brown is the girl for you! We absolutely adore Tabitha’s Instagram presence and love to follow her! She truly is the world’s favorite mom. Dance on over to her page for endless laughs and positive energy!

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Jamie Danek and Michelle Mitchell: Founders of Humm Kombucha



Jamie Danek and Michelle Mitchell are the founders of one of our most favorite Kombucha brands, Humm Kombucha! Originally named Kombucha Mama, Jamie and Michelle started their ‘booch business with the goal of bringing their vision of peace, mutual respect, and equality to the wellness world. They just launched their Humm Zero line, a shelf-stable kombucha with ZERO sugar!

Find out more about Jamie Danek and Michelle Mitchel HERE!

Adriene Mishler: Actress, Yoga Instructor, and Find What Feels Good Founder



We’ve been pals with Adriene Mishler for a while now, and we could not be more honored to have her in our flock! Adriene travels the world teaching yoga, where her classes inspire creativity and expressive movement. She also has hundreds of free classes on her YouTube channel, perfect for at-home yoga sessions!

Follow her journey HERE!

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