We want to see how you use Thunderbird Bars in your adventures and daily living. By tagging @thunderbirdbar and using the hashtag #thunderbirdbar on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pictures, your picture could become the Thunderbird homepage picture of the month! The monthly winner will receive a box of bars and some other great Thunderbird bar gear! What are we looking for?

    • Must have a person or people
    • Face cannot be identifiable 
    • Outdoor, fun, active, adventure, and visually powerful
    • Embodies the Thunderbird bar lifestyle of living life to the fullest

We are excited to introduce you to the first monthly winner, Thunderbird bar ambassador John Sacco. So what's the story behind the picture?
John's wife, Emily, is a wedding photographer and was shooting a couple's engagement portraits in The Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. While they were shooting, John decided to do what he does best and go for a run. Emily snapped this awesome picture of John putting the final touches on his training for an upcoming ultra marathon at the San Juan Solstice 50.
We will let John tell you a little more about himself and share with you how he uses Thunderbird bar to fuel his rocky mountain adventures.

"I am a lover of the outdoors. Spending time in nature and reconnecting with the true spirit of life is my passion. This passion draws me to trail running, hiking, practicing natural movements in nature and drives me to live life to the limits. I aspire to live a life more aligned with true human nature.
I like to explore new areas whenever possible, even if just briefly. My favorite bar is Cashew Fig Carrot, although Cacao Hemp Walnut is an extremely close second!"
What are you waiting for? Start snapping and start tagging those pictures to help us show off and brag about our awesome customers. 
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