Spice Up Your Workouts: An Intro to Barre

It's finally spring time! You've stuck to your fitness regimen since the new year and maybe you're looking to change things up a bit. We've recently discovered Barre, and we think it's the perfect complement to any workout routine. We (TB) spoke to Laura Hill-Nash (LHN) of local Barre studio MOD Fitness for a little more insight into what exactly Barre is and why it's so effective!

TB - Can you tell us a little about the foundational concepts of barre? What key principals do you guys hold at your core?
LHN - Barre uses a combination of postures inspired by ballet, yoga, and pilates. Some barre studios are more ballet based while MOD Fitness takes an athletic approach to barre. Our MOD promise is that MOD Fitness offers to meet you where you are; the motivation to push past your limits; guidance and personal attention from your instructor; continuously evolving routines; results you will see and feel; passionate educated instructors; the feeling of accomplishment, strength, and rejuvenation; a workout that always presents a challenge; and the inspiration to make health a fitness a priority. and lifestyle. 
TB - How did you discover Barre and MOD Fitness? 
LHN - I started barre while living in Los Angeles a summer in between my junior and senior year of college.  I did not have a car while I lived there, so I searched for the closest fitness studio.  Luckily there was a barre studio a mile from my house. On my off days I would walk to barre, take class, and walk home.  I was immediately hooked and kept taking barre all through college in Athens, GA.  When I moved to Austin, I shopped barre studios and after my first class at MOD, I knew I had found my Barre home. 
TB - Who could benefit from taking barre classes and why?
LHN - Anyone can benefit from taking barre. If you have never tried it, sign up now! Barre works to define and strengthen your muscles with low impact moves and isometric holds. Barre is great if you are looking for more flexibility and lengthening.  I always tell people who are working on their core strength or posture to commit to a month of barre, it will make the world of difference and help your running or yoga practice! 
TB - What is your favorite thing about being a barre instructor?
LHN - My favorite thing about being a barre instructor is seeing my students succeed and get stronger.  I always tell my students to "tell yourself that you are strong".  Our bodies are so much stronger than our mind wants to believe so it is an amazing feeling to see your students push through the challenge and finish class strong! 
TB - On your day off in Austin, you could be found at...
LHN- An ideal day off for me looks like a morning stroll for coffee on south congress (love the 78704), a walk around Lady Bird Lake with my roommate and our pups, an afternoon on Lake Austin, and some Mexican food on a patio with margaritas to top the day off!
Laura is the instructor of the month at MOD Fitness. Check out their schedule to take one of her classes! 

Haley Bahm
Haley Bahm