Paleo f(x) is the worlds premier wellness event, covering health, nutrition, fitness, and sustainability. And, with the event only a few days away, we decided to take a look at five of the companies we are excited to visit this year. Be sure to swing by booth 92 to grab a Thunderbird bar, and then check out these great paleo-friendly companies:

Picnik Austin

One of our favorite local coffee shops has really stepped it up this year by bottling up their delicious butter coffee for an easy boost on-the-go. The new bottled butter coffees contains a unique blend of high quality coffee, healthy fats, and protein. A favorite, The Dirty Chai Butter Coffee, has 10 grams of grass fed protein, MCT oils, and grass fed butter. Um, yes please!


Instagram: @picnikaustin

Eating Evolved

We can't get enough of this anti-oxidant rich chocolate. If you haven't had a chance to try their Primal Chocolate, then be sure to add this to your must visit list this weekend. We are especially excited about the new Keto Cups. A 100% Cacao treat that is filled with creamy coconut butter and MCT oil.


Instagram: @eatingevolved


No more passing up on tortillas with the introduction of Siete grain-free tortillas. With the Thunderbird Bar headquarters in Austin, we like to consider ourselves Mexican-food experts and these tortillas definitely pass our taste test. The Siete Almond Flour Tortilla is like a buttery flour tortilla! Yep, it's that good.


Instagram: @sietefoods


We love this tasty coconut jerky and their food philosophy: simple, natural, unprocessed foods are not only the most delicious, but also the most healthy. Swing by their booth to see just how tasty simple and real food can be.


Instagram: @coconut_jerky


Four words: Chocolate chip cookie dough. As if grain free and gluten free pizza and pasta weren't enough, Capellos has introduced a game changing product with their new cookie dough. This paleo-friendly company is definitely one to check out. You can probably just follow your nose to the smell of warm and fresh baked cookies this weekend



For more information on this years event, head over to the Paleo f(x) website where you can grab some tickets and plan your day. Hope to see y'all there!


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