In the thick of the August heat, there are days when we'd rather hole up in our apartments with the air conditioner blasting than head outside to train. But because skipping workouts isn't exactly an option when you're a pro athlete (and its your job to train!), we consider the following process to get us through those sun-soaked scorchers.


Keep a positive attitude about the planned workout. Psych yourself up for the toughness you will acquire by braving the elements. But also be realistic - remember that heat and humidity often cause paces to slow down. So manage your expectations and head outside knowing that you don't have to set any records (but it's a bonus of you do!).


Have a hydration plan. Carry either a small bottle full of ice cold coconut water or sports drink or stash a bottle somewhere. We often do looped runs and store our bottles in a mailbox or behind a tree. This way we can grab a drink frequently during the workout. If we're going for a long bike ride, we map out gas stations before we go so that we know where we can refill our bottles.


Reward yourself. End your run with a jump into a cool lake, pool, swimming hole, or even a run through your neighbor's backyard sprinkler. Then chill out with a icy recovery smoothie or, better yet, a turmeric frozen yogurt cone

Working out in the heat may will hurt more than exercising in ideal conditions, but this hurt is what leads to strength and toughness. Don't let the heat win before you even break a sweat. Instead, plan for it and learn to embrace the challenge.**

-Laurel and Bec

**in extreme or dangerous conditions, we advise staying inside and conquering the treadmill.


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