As we welcome the end of Winter and the apparent remission of the pandemic, many of us are feeling like it is time to re-connect and re-start.  If you are like us, there is a good chance that during the pandemic your routines slipped a bit, the gym visits decreased some and perhaps your eating rules were relaxed a bit too.  Now, more than ever, I think we all realize the importance of health and wellness.

With the Spring (yes we have them in Texas too!), we are very excited to get outside and move as the cold weather recedes. And outdoor time is what Thunderbird is made for!

Through these last 10 years, our family owned company has stayed true to our commitment to only make Real Food Bars which means that, in addition to using only foods you know, we do not add protein isolates, sugar alcohols, texture enhancers or other non real food items.  

We believe the result is an energy bar (or is it a nutrition bar?) that has the taste and texture of home made.  If you had the time to go in your kitchen and mix nuts, seeds, spices, and dried fruit and then bake them, you would end up with something just like our bars.  But we did it for you so instead of cleaning the kitchen you can go outside and enjoy the spring!  

So as you return to going out and doing your run, hike, or whatever you do, bring along a few Thunderbird Bars and you know that you are treating your body well.

All the best


cameron smith