Football Sunday: Healthified

If you live in Texas, there is no escaping Football Sunday. It's ingrained in our blood, it brings us all together for a day to cheer on our teams and indulge in delicious food. But Football Watch Party snacks don't have to ruin your healthy eating regimen! We spent a game day with local food blogger Mindful With Misty, cooking a lightened up menu that was crowd-approved!

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February 02, 2017

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The Story Behind the Photo: Christy Smith

The #thunderbirdbar tagged Instagram pictures keep rolling in, and we are excited to present the fourth edition of "Eat, Tag, Win!" Customer Christy is an ACSM exercise physiologist, fitness lover, and active mom. She snapped this great family shot on a trip back to her hometown in Virginia. Read on for the full story behind the photo.

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10% Off! Bar of the Month – Cashew Fig Carrot Bar

The Cashew Fig Carrot Thunderbird bar is a personal favorite of mine and curbs that carrot cake craving I get daily! When Katie and Taylor made this bar they described it as “The Romance Bar,” and for good reason. A primary ingredient in the bar, figs, are believed to be a symbol of love in Greek mythology. However, with their powerful antioxidants, flavonoids, fiber and potassium, there are many other reasons to love this tasty and seasonal ingredient. Let’s take a look at some of the nutritional highlights of figs courtesy of Organic Facts:


And since figs are in season through the month of September we are going to give you 10% off all Cashew Fig Carrot Bar orders for the month! All you have to do is order online and use the code FIGLOVE to get 10% off! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to learn about some big upcoming sales.

Don’t be afraid to pick up some figs on your next trip to the farmers market or grocery store. There are so many delicious and easy ways to incorporate figs into your diet. One of my favorite ways to incorporate figs into a meal is from Thunderbird Bar athletes Laurel and Bec Wassner. It’s Athlete Food approved, quick, easy, and a delicious way to kick off any meal.

Meat, Cheese, Pickles and Figs Charcuterie Board:

This feast fit for hungry athletes is perfect for a late season BBQ! Read the story behind this yummy charcuterie spread and find out exactly what went into this delicious board: Late Summer BBQ